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The GDU Technology Byrd is a foldable photography drone. The Byrd was the first mass produced foldable drone in the market in this new category of drones.

Ideal for backpacking, skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking or remote travels, this drone offers advanced photography modes, and comes with either 1K, or 4K cameras as well as supports GoPro formfactor cameras.

Airogistic has tested the Byrd extensively. It is stable and features work as advertised. Support is excellent and the GDU Technology contiues to ship upgrades make this not only competitive but superior performer in this new class of foldable drones.

In addition, following the recall of the GoPro Karma and the delayed shipment of the DJI Mavic, it leaves the Byrd not only the best but one of the only easily collapsible, consumer friendly full feature photography drones in the marketplace!
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