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About Airogisitic
Airogistic, L.L.C is a privately held Texas Limited Liability Corporation founded in December 2006 and located in Austin, Texas. Airogistic builds products for automating UAV service operations. Our mission is to automate pre-flight testing, launch, fly, land, and recharging of small multi-rotor UAVs in a personnel safe environment with patent pending technology. Airogistics’s UAV infrastructure will lay the foundations to allow other individuals and companies to create new applications and business opportunities using this new UAV technology.

Airogistic is building the “Highway in the Skyway” with UAV Infrastructure that extends the reach of small UAVs forming networks of UAV commercial end points for new UAV services. This network of UAV endpoints can be utilized to deploy automated full-scale use of commercial small scale UAVs for applications such as: asset tracking, aerial deliveries, air monitoring for air/water pollution, surveillance for emergency response, automated inspection of pipelines, power lines and bridges.
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Airogistic LLC
100 Commons Rd Suite 7-150
Dripping Springs, TX 76820
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