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UAV Infrastructure Management Services and Operational Support
FleetNET UAV Infrastructure Site Management
FleetNET is a site management app that provides coordination and logistics for managing UAV docking stands and associated UAVs. The software app allows users to assign configuration schemes for UAV flight missions to docking stands and to organize docking stands by sites. After configuration is complete, an operations view allow users to remotely view and manage launch and landing operations of the docking stands. FleetNET provides a real-time view of current status conditions of the UAVs, docking stands and site operations.

FleeNET Features:
  • Assign UAVs to docking stands, sites and networks
  • Configure launch and landing sequences
  • Configure UAV flight operations along the docking stand network
  • Real-time view of current status of UAVs, docking stands and site operations
  • Video monitoring of site operations
  • UAV and docking stand diagnostic information logging with fault notification

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UAV Infrastructure Site Operations Services
UAV Infrastructure site services provides customers with onsite resources for UAV fleet management as well as providing capabilities for maximizing uptime of UAV operations. These services utilize all of our UAV infrastructure product lines for build out of a UAV site fleet operations center. DroneDome construction is provided for UAV flight testing as well as personnel safety surrounding docking stands. FleetStand docking stations are used for automated launch and landing of the UAV fleet. FleetNET management software is used for site configuration and oversight of UAV launch and landing operations from the docking stations.

Site Services:
  • DroneDome Construction for flight testing and personnel safety
  • Docking stands configuration, deployment and network integration
  • Secure radio network deployment for launch and landing operations
  • Site video monitoring and surveillance
  • UAV maintenance and repair depot
  • FleeNET app installation, deployment and integration

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